MMC is a place for regular everyday people who prefer to get information in small bites. Therefore, the content within our 12 categories is always short and to the point.


My husband, Dennis Michael Lynch (DML), is known by millions of people for his amazing dedication and ability to deliver trusted, easy to understand articles and videos that cover the world of news and politics.

Although the original DML News App 1.0 was the best in its class, I thought the 2.0 version needed more topic diversity in order to appeal to people like myself who don’t live and breath news and politics.  He agreed with my idea and suggested I launch this website to feed the “LIFE” tab on the DML NEWS APP 2.0.  Nine months later, here we are!



Family & Friends: Focusing on the relationships we all care about most.

Home & Pets:  Offering do it yourself concepts, and finding easier ways to make daily life better.

Loving America: The short stories of the past and present we as citizens can share with pride.

Rich & Famous: A peak at how the other people live.

TV & Movies: At the end of the day, we all want to be entertained.

Eating & Drinking: Recipes, recipes, and more recipes.

Photos & Videos: Stuff that’s worth a look because it’s downright cool or interesting.

Travel & Explore: For the sake of getting away from it all.

Health & Love: Without both, nothing else matters.

Heroes & Villains: People. And the stuff they do.

Careers & Money: Because it’s what makes the world spin.

Polls & Emails: You get to sound off.


After graduating college with a degree in speech pathology, I landed a teaching job at a small nursery school in Levittown, NY.

Having been together since the 11th grade, I asked my boyfriend (Dennis Michael Lynch) to help with the school’s ‘Mommy and Me Christmas Party‘  by dressing up as Santa.

When Santa arrived ringing bells and calling out HO-HO-HO, the kids in my class all shouted: ‘Miss Mary, Miss Mary, Santa Claus is here!’  Santa responded by saying, “Yes he is Miss Mary, and he has a gift from your boyfriend.”  He then pulled up a chair and sat me on his lap.

“What does Miss Mary want for Christmas,” asked Santa.

The question sparked laughter from the mothers who were secretly warned about Santa’s plan ahead of time.

Clueless me, I responded, “Ok Santa, Miss Mary thinks it would be a great time to hand out the candy canes.”  That’s when Santa pulled out the engagement ring and said,  “This is from your boyfriend, and he says he loves you.”

The moms all clapped as I cried tears of joy.  Meanwhile, Santa panicked when one little girl cried out, “Santa, I don’t like you anymore. Why are you making my Miss Mary cry?”

That Mommy and Me Christmas Party was nearly 27 years ago.  Den has called me Miss Mary ever since.

Today, Den and I live on the east end of Long Island.  Our home has been in Den’s family since the early 1900s, and not much has been done to it over time.  It is super tiny with just 3 beds and 1 bath.  We somehow stuff 6 people and a dog inside.

My friends often ask me how I do it?  Honestly, I have no major complaints — all 4 kids are healthy — everything else matters little.  Plus, even though the space is tight, it makes us a very close knit family.

My only headache is the laundry area — it’s the size of a broom closet.

I’ve never been into the social media thing, and I barely went online. However, that all changed last year when I got involved with Den’s business and the launch of DMLNews.com

In addition to being a full time mom, it’s been my job to answer customer service emails and manage the shipping of DML News hats and DVDs.  It’s also my job to go through the thousands of letters we receive each year.  They all touch my heart, and I read each and every one of them to Den.

In doing those tasks, I have found myself growing more connected to and more caring of the people who support my husband and rely on the DML News App.

The generosity and love people offer us has inspired me to get more involved.  I want to help Den make the DML News App into something people can’t find in traditional mainstream news…. we want it to be personal and family based.

When you use the DML News App, or when you visit this website or DMLNews.com, our goal is for you to come away feeling like you are good friends with a family who owns a news business.

Please never forget that although my name sits at the top of this website, this cafe’ is not about my life.  Both this website and the LIFE tab on the DML News App are about all of us.  That’s why your comments, concerns, questions and ideas are always welcomed here.  (Use the send a message tab at the top).

Overall, I’m a simple woman with a deep love for my family, our amazing country, and the friends and readership who Den refers to as TEAM DML.

I am humbled you read this far down the page.  Trust me, this is the longest post you will ever find in this cafe’.

God Bless!
Love, Miss Mary

PS – Den demanded I post my picture under our family portrait.  (He picked it out and I hate it. I plan to delete it when he forgets its here.)

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