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REPORT: Tiny cottage is on the market for $2 million

This is what I found on BOSTON.COM: A tiny, nearly 80-year-old cottage sitting on a less than half an acre near downtown Portsmouth, N.H., is on the market for $2 million. While the former candy store at 445 Marcy St. comes with a hefty price tag, there’s big potential on the 0.34-acre site, according to the listing, which boasts that the property is the “last large lot available” in the waterfront city’s historic and desirable South End. “This is probably one of if not the most-sought-after neighborhood in Portsmouth,” broker Liz Levey-Pruyn of RE/Max Shoreline told Wednesday. See more...

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REPORT: Why onions make you cry, and how to avoid it

This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM: Onions pull pretty much any dish together. Raw, they add a bite to your salad or sandwich; caramelized, they add a savory sweetness to any hot dish. Really, there are very few dishes that we wouldn’t add a bit of onion to. The only problem comes when chopping them up: Why do onions make you cry? This question, “Why do onions make you cry?”, is so important that it warranted a Library of Congress web page. The short, government-doled answer provided by the Library is “unstable chemicals.” But that could also be provided as an...

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REPORT: The average Valentine’s Day cost from 1948 to now

This is what I found on USATODAY.COM: For the first time ever, total Valentine’s Day spending is projected to top $20 billion in the United States – despite falling participation. Just 51 percent of American adults plan to celebrate the holiday, the smallest share in at least a decade and down from 55 percent last year. In a statement from Matthew Shay, CEO of industry advocacy group National Retail Federation, greater spending among those participating in the holiday is likely driven by the strong economy. While some of that spending will go towards friends, coworkers and family, the vast majority...

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REPORT: Victoria Beckham is officially launching a beauty line

This is what I found on Ahead of her fashion show scheduled for this weekend at London Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham announced she will officially be launching her own beauty line. “So I’m very excited to announce that I am about launch Victoria Beckham Beauty,” she said in a video on Instagram that also revealed a mirror with “#VBBeauty” written in pink. Beckham’s new beauty line will be direct-to-consumer and will initially be available primarily online. “I want to take care of women inside and out, providing them with the must-have items in make-up, skincare, fragrance and wellness that I...

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VIDEO: Rare black leopard spotted in Africa for first time in century: ‘It’s such a mythical thing’

This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM: An ultra-rare black leopard — with a silky-looking, shiny coat — was spotted in Africa for the first time in more than 100 years, and the wildlife photographer who captured the elusive big cat credits the sighting simply to dumb luck. Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas had heard murmurs about the potential presence of a black leopard roaming the area when he set up camp in Kenya. With help from a local tour guide and other leopard researchers in Laikipia County, who followed tracks believed to belong to the leopard, Burrard-Lucas eventually settled on what he...

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