Author: Mary Lynch

REPORT: The final season of ‘Modern Family’ will air in 2020

This is what I found on GOODMORNINGAMERICA.COM: “Modern Family” will come back for its eleventh and final season in 2020. Cast members reacted to the news that their five-time Emmy-award winning series, which has been on air for the last 10 years, would come to a close. Series regulars posted messages reflecting on their time being on the hit show and expressing how emotional the ending will be. Actor Nolan Gould, who has played Luke Dunphy on the show since its premiere in 2009, posted a cast photo along with a message of appreciation to Instagram. “Modern Family’ was...

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REPORT: Northeast home to nation’s highest rents as rates continue to climb, report reveals

This is what I found on Looking to live in a city and rent on the cheap? Des Moines, Iowa, might be for you — but New York City most definitely is not. Apartment Guide released its 2019 Annual Rent Report, which provides a look at rent prices around the country, and compares the prices of studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. The findings also determine which cities are becoming more expensive and more affordable for renters. In 2018, the Northeast remained the region with the highest rent. According to the report, “Rental prices in the Midwest and South held...

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VIDEO: New emojis include more diversity, disabilities

This is what I found on New emojis headed soon to a phone near you include wheelchairs, guide dogs, hearing aids and a drop of blood reportedly meant to symbolize a woman’s period. The emojis, 230 in all, were announced Tuesday by the Unicode Consortium, which handles the standards of emoji. This year’s list expands the people represented by emojis to include people with disabilities and people of different ethnicities. There are 59 brand new emojis (including a mechanical arm and an ice cube) and 171 new variants for gender and skin tone, according to the Unicode Consortium. The people...

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VIRAL PHOTO: Toddler, stranger bonding in airport goes viral

This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM: There is a sense of heightened stress in airports. People are rushing to their gates, others are annoyed that their flight is delayed, and some are just nervous to fly. So it’s always a good day when stories about strangers interacting kindly in airports pop up. Kevin Armentrout shared an experience on Facebook that his daughter had with a man in the airport as they waited to board their plane. He wrote the following: “Last night, while waiting to board our plane, @_carterjean_ was being her usual inquisitive self wanting to meet and say “hi” to everyone she...

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REPORT: Shake Shack launches chicken nuggets nationwide

This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM: In September, Shake Shack announced it would finally be testing chicken nuggets at the Innovation Kitchen in New York City and — duh — people liked them, so now they’re on the menu at locations nationwide. Chick’n Bites are made from fresh, never frozen, antibiotic-free chickens that are hand-breaded and fried, then served with your choice of honey mustard or barbecue sauce. You can also ask for cheese sauce, ShackSauce (mayo, mustard, ketchup, dill and cayenne) or buttermilk herb mayo if you want any of those instead. Shake Shack’s nuggets are cooked...

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