Author: Mary Lynch

VIDEO: Woman with muscular dystrophy creates clothing line to inspire others with chronic illnesses

This is what I found on There was a time when 33-year-old Keisha Greaves hid her muscular dystrophy. Now, she embraces her condition with her inspirational clothing line, Girls Chronically Rock. In 2010, Greaves, who had a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and merchandising and was studying for her masters at Framingham State University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, started noticing that she was no longer able to complete certain physical movements, such as raising her right arm. “I would just repeatedly fall to the floor out of nowhere, and I had no idea where it was coming from,” Greaves told...

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VIDEO: ‘The One’: Couple who met as teens celebrate 44 years of love

This is what I found on Kenneth Sumner can’t help it — any time he meets someone new, he must tell them how he met his wife of 44 years, Jacqueline Sumner. “I was walking down the street behind her and her two classmates. She had this long hair,” the father of two told “Good Morning America’s” “The One.” “And I was walking behind them and my heart was going like this [thumps chest].” Kenneth Sumner, who’s now retired and in his 60s, continued, “So I said, ‘Miss?’ She turned around, smiled at me and that was that.”...

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UPDATE: Ariana Grande goes on Twitter rant over cultural appropriation, misspelled tattoo

This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM: Ariana Grande went on a Twitter tear after being accused of cultural appropriation with her misspelled Japanese tattoo, which she recently somewhat fixed. It began when Grande, 25, replied to a TMZ tweet about a reported $1 million offer to remove her tattoo, which was supposed to read “7 Rings” after her latest hit single, but translated to Japanese style barbecue grill. “I’ll give y’all a million to get off my nuts,” she wrote. She then tweeted (and later deleted), “I also went back and got it fixed with the help of my tutor to be more...

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REPORT: ‘Most venomous’ fish in world discovered in popular swimming spot prompts warning from beachgoer

This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM: A woman was terrified to discover a creature dubbed the “most venomous” fish in the world hanging out in the shallow waters of a popular swimming spot in Queensland, Australia, over the weekend. The stonefish, which is known to camouflage itself in the sand near coral or other rocks, is extremely dangerous — especially to unsuspecting beachgoers who may accidentally step on the fish. “The stonefish has 13 sharp strong dorsal fin spines that are contained within a sheath of thick skin. At the base of each spine there are two venom glands that discharge their...

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REPORT: Proposed bill would ban sugary drinks from kids’ menus

This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM: A proposed bill would completely remove sugary beverages from children’s menus and prohibit them from being served in children’s meals. Connecticut’s House Bill No. 7006 would restrict restaurants from including soft drinks, chocolate milk and juice beverages on children’s menus in the state. Instead, restaurants would only be allowed to offer “water, sparkling water, flavored water with no added sweeteners, unflavored milk or a nondairy milk alternative.” Sugary soft drinks have been tied to the rise in obesity in preschoolers – a problem that can hinder their likelihood for a healthy lifestyle in...

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