I am tasked with filling this website with new content.  My husband Dennis (DML) has been sitting at my side for hours showing me how to work the publishing tools.  Let me tell you it ain’t easy!

He just walked away and told me to try a post on my own.  He said, “DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, IT’S YOUR WEBSITE.”   Following his instructions, I am making the executive decision to write a post about my husband while he isn’t looking.

I know this is a bit biased on my part, but my husband Dennis Michael Lynch loves this country so much.

Every time he leaves his shoes on the stairs, or his underwear on the floor, I just take a big deep breath and think of the picture that was taken in front of the White House.  It reminds me that he fights so hard for those people who need a champion.  All he wants is for people to be treated with respect and be given an opportunity to shine.

I remind myself of this photo all the time, especially when he leaves the seat up and doesn’t replace the toilet paper!  In those instances, the White House photo isn’t enough.  In those situations I have to look at the ocean photo, and then I fall in love again.

His national tour across the country is going to be amazing. It starts on May 15 and ends on June 15, and he will be hitting most of the states.  He is traveling in a big motorhome with my son and daughter, and her lovely boyfriend David. For details visit his website at DMLNews.com

If you don’t already follow Dennis, you really should subscribe to his website alerts. DMLNews.com is the best in the business when it comes to news aggregation. (Ok, that is super biased on my part, but just look at the picture and you’ll forgive me). LOL

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