I’ve wanted to learn another language for the longest time, and the older I get the more I want it to be easier to do.  I wanted to share with you the various ways you can learn another language.

I’m going to try Rosetta Stone for $10 per month.  I feel like it’s a small price to pay to expand my education and to exercise my brain, which is very important the older we get.

Here is an article that provides a look at different providers.

Traveling to a new country on vacation may result in you falling madly in love with the environment, weather, and culture. While English remains the international language and most tourist spots will not leave you requiring a translator, being able to speak the language of the locals — especially in a nation you visit frequently — makes everything more enjoyable. Thankfully, with modern PCs and the internet, it’s really easy to get started. All you need to do is choose a learning software that supports the language you want and your available budget.

To see the list of providers go to WINDOWSCENTRAL.COM,

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