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The following is an opinion editorial written by Sheila Walsh, a Bible teacher and bestselling author with more than 5 million books sold. Born in Scotland, now a US citizen, Walsh lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, Barry and their son, Christian.

The first few weeks of my pregnancy were a blur of absolute joy. I told complete strangers that I was pregnant. I read books to the wee one in my belly and played an assortment of songs to see if he or she was more country or pop.

At our sonogram, we learned the baby was a boy. We were so happy.

Then one phone call interrupted our happiness. I would be 40-years-old when the baby was born, and my doctor had asked for additional tests, one being an amniocentesis.

Walsh said when the test results came back, the doctor called Walsh and her husband into her office and told them, “Your baby is incompatible with life.” The doctor explained “abnormalities”, and suggested a “termination” should be performed the very next day.

Walsh writes: I was shocked. “No!” I said vehemently. “No! Absolutely not. This little one will have every day God has planned for him to live.”

Walsh describes the torment and anguish she went through over the next two weeks, and recalls the day she drove to the beach near their home at the time, in Southern California. She explains what happened next:

I took off my shoes and walked to the edge of the water and prayed. I prayed like I had never prayed before, out loud to the wind and the waves and the birds.

Jesus! My heart is aching. I don’t understand this at all, but I just want to declare here and now that we are in this together. I’ve always needed You, but I know right now that I need You more than I ever have. I don’t know how this will end, but I’m not letting go of You for one moment. You didn’t promise me happiness, but You did promise You would never leave me. I’m not letting go. I’m not giving up. You and me—we’re in this together.

Something shifted inside me. I had no idea how long I could carry our son, but I became relentless in my prayers, not for a perfect outcome but for the presence of a perfect Father.

When Walsh was 35 weeks pregnant, the doctor called one day and informed her that her test results had actually been swapped with another woman’s. There was nothing wrong with her baby at all.

“Today my son, Christian, is 23. He’s just graduated from Texas A&M and is now studying Clinical Psychology at Houston Baptist University,” she writes.

The story is a part of Walsh’s new book, Praying Women: How to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Say.” 

Walsh said in a Twitter post this week, “For the past two years, there’s been a word that’s been burning in my heart – PRAYER. Even from an early age, prayer seemed intimidating or complicated. But thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way…Let’s be praying women!”

“Don’t know where to start in prayer? Always struggle with what to say in prayer? Don’t want to be afraid to pray? This book is for you! #PrayingWomen is now available wherever books are sold!” Walsh said in another Twitter post.

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