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A group of runners experienced a stunning sight last weekend as a bear temporarily halted the Leadville Trail Marathon in Colorado Springs. Two runners, Quentin Genke and Pete Peterson, said they reached the halfway point between mile 12 and 13 when Genke noticed the bear out of his right eye running along the trail.

“I don’t think [the bear] was interested in running the race,” Genke told Runner’s World. “So, I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone quick and yelled, ‘Bear!’”

The bear appeared for only about 15-20 seconds, as it bolted across the road, slipped through a gap in the runners and vanished into the woods.

“Everyone froze,” Peterson said. “We let the bear do what it was going to do, and it found a gap in the runners to cross and then took off into the brush. Everyone just looked at each other like, ‘Did that really just happen?’ It was so casual. That was what was funny about it. In trail races, we see wildlife all the time, but you never expect a bear to jump out in front of you when you’re in a mountain race.”

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