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An Instagram couple who received backlash over taking a picture outside of a moving train car has defended the snap, called “stupid” by social media users, as “not dangerous,” claiming they did research to prevent any fatal missteps.

Influencers Jean and Camille, of the BackpackDiariez Instagram handle, were criticized for a photograph showing the couple gripping onto the side of a blue train while leaning out for a risky kiss. The pair were traveling to Ella, Sri Lanka, and allegedly took the picture while the train was moving along a bridge through dense trees.

The Brussels-based couple captioned the shot “One of our wildest kisses” and posted it to their shared travel-themed Instagram page. As soon as the photo, reportedly taken by Jean’s brother, was posted, the couple was slammed on social media for the precarious position.

“Are you really ready to die for a pic ????????” was one comment among many chastising the pair.

However, the couple is speaking out and insisting the photo was not as risky as it seems.

“This train ride is very famous in Sri Lanka, and we had seen many pictures on social media of people hanging out of the doors, so we knew we wanted to try this and prepared for it in advance,” Camille wrote in an email to The Cut.




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