This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM:

A fisherman had to rescue a shark in Gulf Shores, Ala., on Saturday.

The bull shark had been wrapped in a car belt when the fisherman reeled it in. The belt was so tight that it dug into the shark’s body so that even after it was cut off, it left an indentation.

A local photographer with Sun Shots was able to take pictures of the rescue, which were posted to Facebook.

“What a sight we got to see today as a fisherman on the beach reeled in this injured bull shark,” the post said. “The shark had obviously swam into a belt from a car engine a good while ago and couldn’t get out. Lucky enough, this awesome fisherman happened to catch him today and cut off the belt and released him back into the blue abyss.”





Information provided by FOXNEWS.COM.

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