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Now you can see Denmark from a different angle: Just one hour south of Copenhagen, in a preserved forest called Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, a treetop walkway connected to a 148-foot-tall observation tower opened last week to give explorers a bird’s eye view.

The Treetop Experience is a spiraling walkway that passes through the forest. It’s split into a high and a low route, with the high route passing through the oldest section of the forest while the low route and tower are located in the younger areas.

The observation tower has a distinct, curved profile that is slender in the middle with an enlarged base and crown. Not only does this create better stability and a larger area for the viewing platform at the top of the tower, it also allows for better contact with the forest canopy.

Throughout the walk, travelers can take in the hilly landscape of Gisselfeld Klosters Skove as they pass by lakes, creeks, and wetlands.


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The Treetop Experience by EFFEKT Architects is a new and unique experience destination. A 600 meter treetop walk connected to a 45 meter tall observation tower creates a unique opportunity to take a walk above the treetops and experience the stunning nature of the preserved forest from another perspective. The tower and treetop walk is as a seamless continuous ramp that makes the forest accessible to all – regardless of their physical condition. The Treetop Experience is located in the preserved forest, Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, one hour south of Copenhagen, Denmark. The forest is graced with several natural biotopes such as lakes, creeks and wetlands. The route through the trees passes gently and sensitively through different varieties of forrest, while minimizing the disturbance of the environment. The treetop walk is split into a higher and a lower walkway. The high walkway will pass through the oldest parts of the forest while the tower and the lower walkway are located in the younger areas. The high walkway also feature a series of activities for different user groups to learn and enjoy the forest qualities. The culminating feature of the treetop walk is the tower and observation deck located 45 meters above the ground. The geometry of the tower is shaped to enhance the visitor experience, shunning the typical cylindrical shape in favor of a curved profile with a slender waist and enlarged base and crown. This does not only increase the stability of the tower but also increase the observation deck area at the top of the tower. Furthermore it also allows for better contact to the forest canopy. The new Treetop Experience will be part of Camp Adventure, an existing adventure sports facility that include treetop climbing and aerial zip lines. _________________________________________________ #architecture #design #denmark #Copenhagen #inspiration #ideas #creativity #TheTreetopExperience #EFFEKTArchitects #GisselfeldKlostersSkove #nature #forest #environment #sustainable

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10/8-18 Udsigtstårn (foto 1: repost @gisselfeldkloster). I skovene nær Gisselfeld, ligger Camp Adventure; en naturpark med trætopbaner m.m. Nær informationen er der blevet bygget en 700 m lang plankesti, der fører dig tørskoet og nemt, gennem den smukke kuperet skov – for enden af stien, er der pt en byggeplads, hvor man, endnu, kun kan se et fundament…. (sidste foto). Men projektet der arbejdes på, er ikke mindre end fantastisk: Et timeglasformet udsigtstårn, der får en højde på 45 m. Rampen fra bund til top, bliver 600 m lang og får en ca. stigning på 7,5 %. Træet kommer fre Gisselfeld Klosters egne skove. På toppen af udsigtstårnet, vil man blive belønnet med en fantastisk panoramaudsigt på 360 grader, hvor man i klart vejr kan se 25 km væk… 👀 Tårnet skal, efter planen, stå færdigt sidst på året. Det bliver meget spændende at følge byggeriet 😀👍 Det koster 50 kr at parkere. #gisselfeld #campadventurehaslev #gisselfeldklostersskove #gisselfeldkloster #campadventure #udsigtstårn #udsigt #skov #natur #nature #august #sommer #påtur #oplevelser #oplevsjælland #tårn #udsigtstårn #plankebro #boardwalk #visitdenmark #sø #smuknatur #oplevelserforalle #sol #wauw #faxekommune #haslev #byggeprojekt #kunst #art #amazing

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