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Before we had computers, refrigerators, and modern medicine, we had people performing tasks that we now take for granted.

In 2014, The Economist predicted that robots are going to replace telemarketers, accountants, and retail workers, and Bill Gates has said that software bots will take even more jobs.

This isn’t the first time that whole swaths of the labor market have gone extinct: The Industrial Revolution did away with gigs that your great-great-grandparents might have had that sound preposterous to us today.

Business Insider found these now extinct occupations “that were once a part of daily life”:

  1. Knocker-up – Acting as an alarm clock, they were paid to wake their customers.
  2. Pinsetter – These boys were would set bowling pins after they were knocked down.
  3. Badger -Bought produce from a farmer, then sold it at market.
  4. Leech Collector –  Gathered leeches for medicinal use.
  5. Resurrectionist – Dug up corpses from graveyards to sell to medical schools.
  6. Powder Monkey – Boy between 12 and 14 would join warship voyages who would stuff gunpowder back into cannons.
  7. Computer – Before electronics, people literally computed, converting figures by hand.
  8. Phrenologist – Someone who would  “read” their customer’s intelligence, using their head shape to determine traits.
  9. Lector – Someone who would read news and literature to factory workers.
  10. Daguerreotypist – A person who created photos using mercury vapor and silvered copper plates.
  11. Groom of the stool – An advisor to the English king who spoke with the monarch while he sat on the toilet.

Other lost occupations include quarryman, rat catcher, chimney sweep, milkman, and ice cutter.

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