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(CNN) — Debbie McAnally’s horse became the 21st to die this season at Santa Anita Park, euthanized after shattering her front leg on a training run.

McAnally wistfully remembers the 4-year-old filly. “I picked her name ‘Let’s Light The Way’ because she was an almost white thoroughbred and had this way about her,” she said, “the elegant way she walked.”

The horse’s death led to the indefinite closing of the famed southern California raceway, as a team of investigators try to figure out why so many animals have died in just ten weeks. Last year, 10 horses died at Santa Anita over the same period.

Necropsies on the animals are being conducted, but it could be months before the results are in. Trainers, owners, track officials, and animal activists are all baffled as to why the death toll is so high. A spokesman for the track, Mark Willman, believes the injuries are “multifaceted,” but that rain is the biggest factor.

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