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You don’t have to be wealthy to be good with money.

Being good with money is about habits, not income. People who are good with money are always looking for a way to live within their means and spend less than they need to. We collected money tips and spending preferences from experts and people who have accomplished admirable feats like paying off their mortgage early, eliminating five figures of debt, and putting $100,000 in savings.

There are some purchases and habits that just make no sense to those who are truly good with money — here are the top seven things they aren’t likely to buy or spend on.

  1. They’re not buying brand new cars

  2. They’re not leasing a new car constantly

  3. They won’t buy houses they can’t afford

  4. They’re not buying things on credit that they can’t pay for

  5. They’re not buying luxury goods from brand-name designers

  6. They’re less likely to load up on material items at all, opting for quality over quantity

  7. They probably aren’t planning lavish, expensive weddings

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