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It was supposed to be their big day. Instead, it’s looking like a big letdown.

An estimated 7,500 soon-to-be brides and grooms are without a place to get married after a chain of wedding venues abruptly closed all of its locations this week.

Noah’s Event Venue, which operated over 40 locations in at least 20 states, had previously filed for bankruptcy in May. This week, however, the Utah-based company claimed “the bankruptcy court managing our case has directed NOAH’S to cease operations immediately,” according to a message posted to the company’s website.

Kenneth Cannon, the bankruptcy attorney representing the company, admitted to the Des Moines Register  that the company legally owes refunds to all their customers, but said, “The problem is that there’s nothing that I know of, there’s not very much, to be able to repay people with.”

Jilted customers are now voicing their outrage on Twitter:

Kelsey wrote, “Hey @noahseventvenue can you please explain why I had to learn my wedding had been canceled through a Facebook post from another bride? Also I’d like to know how it’s acceptable to say SOL to all the couples that already paid to use your venues.”

“Noahs event venue may have just closed but they are not going to stop me from marrying the love of my life in 22 days. Losing so much money from this company sucks 💯 but we are still going to say I do on 02/29/2020,” Joel tweeted.

“I hope you are planning to give all the engaged couples who booked your venue and paid you thousands of dollars back their money. Closing your doors days and weeks before someone’s wedding is unconscionable. Shame on you!” another wrote.

Other wedding planners have offered to help:

Melissa reported that she actually did get her money back:

Below are two advertisements for the company from 2017:

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