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A 76-year-old Connecticut man is making a pilgrimage from Yankee Stadium in New York City to Fenway Park in Boston to promote peace, but not between the two rival teams, but rather that of the world.

Al Forte began his journey on Aug. 4 at New York’s Grand Central Terminal, joined by 30 people he walked from there to Yankee Stadium where the real trek, about 200 miles, began. He has walked alone since then, although he is picked up by his friend every evening to drive him to hotels.

“I’m doing this to spread the message of praying for peace,” he told The Providence Journal Friday as he walked through Warwick, a city in eastern Rhode Island. “If we pray for peace, there will be peace, first in ourselves, then our families, then our cities, our country and the world.”

Forte describes the beauty he’s seeing along the way from landscapes to people.

“All I’ve been meeting is very, very nice people,” he said.

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