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In a new interview with Total Film magazine (via, Salma Hayek recounted directors instructing her to “sound dumber and speak faster.”

The 53-year-old actress revealed that her early background as a trained actor was often dismissed by directors in Hollywood.

“Unfortunately, I never had a lot of chances to do parts where I could use a lot of the things I learned [in acting class],” Hayek noted. “I’ve had directors say to me, ‘Dumber and faster. Sound dumber and speak faster!’”

Hayek recalled acting lessons in Mexico that “stuck with her all these years.”

She describes a strict teacher who demanded dedication.

“She recalled performing a scene in which she had to sweep the floor,” reported. “‘I started sweeping and he stopped and said, “Sit down — you’re not coming up here for two weeks because you don’t sweep correctly. You have to do the research about every single detail. You have to love every single prop,” Hayek reminisced.'”

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