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On Monday, [Tori Spelling] shared on Instagram that she’s preparing an online meet-and-greet for 20 fans.

“Can’t wait to do my first ever virtual meet and greet Thursday, April 9 at 5pm PDT,” she wrote on Instagram. “Only 20 spots available so reserve your spot now. Link in my bio xoxo”

Fans followed the link to find that booking a spot for the meet-and-greet cost $95, which many fans found to bee too high of a price — especially considering the current circumstances.

Some fans responded negatively. One follower wrote:

“Tori, while I have seen your work and admire your accomplishments; I don’t feel now is the time to charge people for a ‘one-on-one’ chat with you.

“I saw where someone wrote, ‘She has to pay her bills too.’ This baffles me. I doubt you’re in the same financial situation the rest of us are currently in. You have lead [sic] a lavish lifestyle, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“However, you may want to cut back (just a tad) on that lifestyle and get on board with what’s far more important right now.”

The Instagram post offering the meet-and-greet has been removed.

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