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In the United States, 22% of people say that their sleep quality is worse because of the COVID-19 crisis, according to a survey done by

Elsewhere around the globe, researchers also are harping on this nighttime uprising. One study published in April by the Journal of Critical Sleep Medicine found that insomnia and its symptoms drastically increased for COVID-19-free participants in China, the first epicenter of the disease, from January to February of this year.

In Italy, another major coronavirus hot spot, reports of decreased sleep increased more than 12% from February to March as the second week of lockdown kicked in, according to a study published in the Journal of Sleep Research.

The report says the lack of sleep is actually due to stress and anxiety, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Below are some of the tips for improving your sleep mentioned in the report:

  • Cut out coffee, and try meditation to help you relax.
  • White noise
  • Melatonin sleep supplements
  • Create established routines
  • Exercise
  • Socializing, even if via virtual gatherings on apps like Zoom
  • Cutting out alcohol, especially right before bed
  • Avoid “bad news” at night
  • Consult your doctor

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