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A New Jersey family who was told their son would not survive past birth due to a rare neural tube defect that caused his skull to stop developing in the womb are celebrating his seven months of life and the extraordinary odds he’s beaten to get there.

Lucas Santa Maria, who was diagnosed with exencephaly during his mother’s 10-week ultrasound appointment, is believed to be the first infant to survive with the condition. Exencephaly typically means the developing brain is exposed to amniotic fluid and other damaging complications in the womb.

“Exencephaly is where the brain is outside of the skull, and it’s usually only covered by a thin layer of skin made up of one or two cells,” Dr. Tim Vogel, chief of pediatric neurosurgery at North Jersey Brain and Spine Center, told Fox News. “There’s just enough protection of the brain, but it’s usually not functional. All other cases aside from Lucas are not survivable.”

“Lucas’ mother, Maria Santa Maria, found out about her son’s condition when she was 10 weeks pregnant,” WTVG 13abc reports.

“They recommended abortion. That’s not what I wanted to do,” Maria said.

Watch a video about Lucas here.

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