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A bar in the United Kingdom decided to take advantage of the lockdown and do some redecorating. When they decided to update the wallpaper, however, they uncovered a half-century-old secret.

Andy Harrison and Tom Smith, landlords for the Cock Inn in Hanbury, were preparing to re-plaster the walls when they made the discovery, The Sun reports. As the duo scraped away the wallpaper, they uncovered a mural painted on the original plaster.

The hidden painting was signed, “George Cole, 1953.”

They discovered that the mural went “all the way around the pub,” and believe that it has been covered for 50 years, and might be 70 years old.

They are seeking information on George Cole and the piece, said Wendy Harrison, Andy’s wife and bar manager.

“We think he’s local, but we’ve got no information on him,” Wendy said.

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