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It had been a month since Niko, David Alt’s shiba inu, was struck by a car and ran off into the wilderness of Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Since Niko went missing, Alt, of Vancouver, had gone above and beyond to find his beloved dog with little return on leads or a possible reunion. Still, he said he hadn’t given up hope, and this weekend, his faith was rewarded.

On Sunday, two park visitors had just unloaded their motorcycles when they spotted Niko about 100 yards from the trail where he’d originally disappeared. Niko was “skin and bones,” but he’d survived, Alt recounted in a lengthy Facebook post.

“I knew he was out there somewhere,” Alt said.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Alt wrote:

This all started in Gifford Pinchot National Forest Friday night July 26th (31 days earlier). We had set up camp at the trail head, Road 25 at Elk Pass on the east side of Mt St Helens ready to ride motorcycles the next day and where relaxing when Niko went into the road and was hit by a car. We heard the quick stop of the car but could not see it directly – jumping up, we ran down to the road to see Niko bolting off in a full sprint into the forest westward on the Boundary Trail (#1) towards Bear Meadow. This was at 9:30 at night. My friend Ron and I searched for hours with headlamps including getting up in the middle of the night to search some more. There where no signs of blood, so I held out hope for no concussion or internal injuries, though there was no way to know if he was 500 yards away hiding under a log, 5 miles down the trail, or had veered off on one of the many gravel forest roads nearby.

Alt describes an extensive search for Niko. Here’s the happy ending:

On Sunday, August 25th Brad Woods and Troy McKay parked at the trailhead for the Boundary Trail at Elk Pass on road 25 on the east side of Mt St Helens in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. They unloaded their motorcycles and noticed a tarp tent setup on the knoll nearby. They saw this was my “base camp” for Niko, with his photo, dog bed, etc. They immediately recalled seeing the lost dog postings of Niko on FaceBook. Then they headed down the same west leg of the trail where Niko originally disappeared only for 100 yards to see Niko on his way back to camp for the first time! They quickly grabbed him and loaded everything back up to bring him into Woodland (nearest cell phone service) to call me for my address. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical – are you sure? Does he have a green collar? …

30 minutes later, Brad and Troy pulled up and let Niko out. He slowly walked towards my son and I sitting on the curb, skin and bones and one eye closed. It was him! I was crying, my son was crying, I looked up and Brad and Troy where tearful too.


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