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International bestselling author Emily Giffin has once again apologized for bashing Meghan Markle, one month after she was accused of racism for branding the duchess ‘unmaternal’ and ‘phony’.

Emily, 48, who lives in Atlanta, wrote the 2005 book Something Borrowed, which was later turned into a movie starring Kate Hudson and John Krasinski.

However she made headlines for a very different reason last month after taking to Instagram to share a text conversation she had with a friend in which the two of them slammed Meghan, accusing her of trying to get ‘attention’ and of looking ‘fake and forced’ while appearing in a reading video with son Archie, which was filmed by Prince Harry.


In the text exchange, Emily’s friend wrote, “Some thoughts: Archie is adorable but that video screamed look at me! Look at me! I need attention as the doting mother. She’s a joke. It was also sad how she seemed just slightly annoyed Archie wasn’t fully cooperating to her standards. He’s [one] for crying out loud!”

Emily agreed, texting back, “Completely,” later adding that she felt Meghan “seemed so unmaternal.”

“It was so uncomfortable,” Emily wrote. “She’s such a phony.”

After backlash over the comments, including accusations or racism, Emily told the Associated Press, “I need to be more careful about the impact of my words.”

“It’s one thing to have legitimate criticism about someone,” she continued, adding that her comments about Meghan “were not legitimate.”

“They were just mean,” she said. “I’m going to do better.”

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