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Americans take great pleasure in cracking open a nice, cold beer. Whether it’s on a warm, sunny day with grilled meats and veggies wafting into the nostrils or in a buddy’s dingy man-cave with the volume turned to 11, beer brings people together.

But a new report shows beer isn’t just satisfying for the soul; it’s also a major contributor to many local economies, according to the Beer Institute and National Beer Wholesalers Association.

Now, those groups may have their reasons for touting the non-alcohol-related benefits of their product, but their conclusions are pretty sobering when it comes to flat cash.

On Long Island, the beer industry generated 18,928 jobs total and wages amounting to $1,021,457,900, according to the study, which is commissioned every other year by. The total economic output in our area was $2,840,616,500.


  • Jobs: 9,917
  • Wages: $418,289,900
  • Output: $1,126,727,500


  • Jobs: 3,096
  • Wages: $244,174,700
  • Output: $723,243,400


  • Jobs: 5,915
  • Wages: $358,993,300
  • Output: $990,645,300

Moreover, when all taxes on beer in New York were tallied up, they accounted for about 37 percent of the retail price.

Craig Purser, president and CEO of the National Beer Wholesalers Association, told Patch on Tuesday the beer industry is the “biggest little industry you’ve never paid any attention to.”

“It puts a lot of food on a lot of peoples’ tables,” he said. “In addition to providing great, liquid refreshment for all, it really is the economic engine that can.”

And the facts bear that out.

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