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When one bride-to-be got a late-night craving, nothing but the real thing would satisfy her, even if it cost her a friendship of 10 years.

A Reddit user shared her story on the site’s forums, describing how a bachelorette party went wrong after the bride-to-be decided that she needed to go to Denny’s.

While the story started off normally enough, things escalated very quickly.

Posted under the username Bbearswaggg, the author explained how she worked as a wedding coordinator and was asked to handle one of her friend’s weddings. She helped plan the bachelorette party. It started off simply enough, with the girls getting a hotel room, going out for dinner and then heading out to dance and drink afterward.

Things took a turn, however, when the bride-to-be got a craving for a certain chain restaurant. “By the end of the night she was hammered- she wanted Denny’s,” the author wrote. “So I was sober (I don’t drink) and said okay I’ll take you to Denny’s. Got there and the kitchen was closed due to some issues. She asked me to drive her to the one the next town over- I was up since 7 a.m. that morning, after dealing with drunk people that was the last thing I wanted to do!”

“So I said no let’s get something else,” the story continued. “She starts crying! Saying ‘you’re right it’s you’re bachelorette party not mine’ and just throwing out the dumbest (stuff). So I say ‘you know what, if I don’t talk to you after this you know why.’ So I shut up after that, let her (insult) me while I drive her to Denny’s (about 15 minutes away).”

“We get there and she stays outside by my car crying and won’t go in,” the post says. “She was like ‘you go in I need a minute.’ I’m like ‘uhmmm, you just made me drive up here’ and she continues to yell and demand me to go in the restaurant. I decided not to go in alone and just quietly get back in my car to wait till she is ready. Well- that set her completely off. I hear her screaming, ‘it’s always about her. She always does this to me!’ So I get out of the car and scream, ‘get in the car! Let’s go!’”

“She runs towards me and pushes me! While screaming at me,” the story continued. “So I push her back. Obviously, I don’t care if you’re intoxicated. Don’t touch me.”

“So, we ended up pushing each other and she keeps insulting me and I say ‘(Your fiance) is too good for you! You don’t deserve him’ and left it at that. She starts walking away into (the) main road. So it was only me and her other maid of honor and I drove. I said you can do what you want but she is not getting back in my car. I told her I’ll call her fiancé to come and get her and you if you’re staying. She did and she went after her.”

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