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Post-coronavirus hotel stays may look a bit different as companies beef up their cleaning efforts and rethink their buffets in a bid to soothe jittery travelers.

Hilton said Monday that it is teaming up with RB – which makes Lysol and Dettol disinfectants – and the Mayo Clinic to develop new cleaning procedures that will be in place by June.

The news follows Marriott’s announcement last week that it’s creating a cleanliness council to develop new standards. Marriott’s council includes infectious disease specialists and an expert from EcoLab, which makes commercial cleaning products.

Buffets may change, too, as some hotel officials say buffets may eventually be scrapped, or at least changed.

“Any customer at any price point is accustomed to some kind of buffet,” said Phil Cordell, Hilton’s global head of new brand development. “I think it’s not dead. I think how it’s presented and prepared will likely change in a very long-term way.”

Cape Resorts, the company that operates several hotels and restaurants in New York and New Jersey, including the historic Congress Hall and Sag Hall in Cape May and other restaurants, said their places will encourage social distancing and make other changes to adapt to the new normal, reports.

Some of the changes will include limiting occupancy in their restaurants and hotels, as limiting restaurants to serve hotel guests only.

“We are spacing tables and limiting seating to ensure a dining experience that gives everyone the elbow room that they need,” Bashaw wrote. “Think of our properties as your private club by the sea.”


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