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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard squeezed in some cuddling time over the long holiday weekend –and were caught in the act!

The Parenthood star posted a shirtless photo of himself sporting a ponytail while lounging on a leather couch with his ladylove, who’s sporting athleisure wear, as they smile for the camera.

So, who’s taking the picture? Why, their 4-year-old daughter, Delta, who also kinda, sorta makes an appearance in the snap.

“Photo credit: Delta (whose finger makes an appearance),” Shephard wrote in a post with the picture on Instagram.

One notable comment came from actor Ashton Kushner, who made a valid observation.

“I can’t lay on leather shirtless. Too sticky,” Kushner wrote.

“It was arrogant on my end for sure,” Shephard replied.


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Photo credit: Delta (whose finger makes an appearance)

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