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Jodi Harrison-Bauer is trying to fulfill a lifelong dream.

The 58-year-old Connecticut mother-of-two adult daughters hopes to become the oldest model to don a swimsuit in Sports Illustrated’s iconic swimsuit issue.

According to New Haven Register, Harrison-Bauer said modeling in the magazine will her “share who I am.”

“Whether I’m chosen or not, I’m doing this as another way to share who I am and encourage others along the way that it’s not too late to try something new,” she told the outlet in an interview published on Thursday. “I’m 58, and I’ve never felt so confident in myself.”

Harrison-Bauer, who runs a fitness studio in Branford, said she is attending an open casting call in Miami even though many of the women auditioning will be much younger than her.

“I saw there were no specific age categories,” she admitted. “That was my loophole to go for it.”

Harrison-Bauer is no stronger to posing almost naked. She’s a two-time World Fitness America and World Fitness Universe champion and exercises multiple times a week by mixing up cardio and strength training.


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