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Light from the the brightest object ever discovered has reached Earth – and it is reportedly being “emitted from the dawn of time.” The distant quasar – jets of energy powered by supermassive black holes – has the combined brilliance of about 600 trillion Suns, say astronomers.

It began its journey soon after the Big Bang created the universe almost 12.8 billion years ago – which was nearly 8 billion years before our solar system had even formed. By chance, a galaxy in the foreground acted as a gravitational lens which magnified the ancient quasar.

“If it weren’t for this makeshift cosmic telescope, the quasar’s light would appear about 50 times dimmer,” said study leader Professor Xiaohui Fan from Arizona University. “This discovery demonstrates strongly gravitationally lensed quasars do exist despite the fact we’ve been looking for over 20 years and not found any others this far back in time.”

This is a natural phenomenon in which the galaxies closer to Earth bend the light emitting from more distant ones.


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