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Domino’s, along with the NYPD and the mayor of New York City, are commending the actions of a Domino’s delivery man who took a slice out of crime back on March 29.

Alou Bathily, 21, just happened to be out on his Domino’s delivery bike when officers with NYPD’s 20th Precinct spotted a suspect from a recent robbery on the Upper West Side and started giving chase. Seeing the commotion, Bathily shouted, “I’ll stop him, officers!” and kicked into gear, speeding ahead of the suspect and blocking his path with the bike, according to a Facebook post shared by the precinct.

Bathily, originally from Mali in West Africa, told CBS New York he jumped off his bike and “sat on [the suspect] on the floor” until officers arrived, though the NYPD had not confirmed that claim on Facebook. Police confirmed that Bathily’s actions delayed the suspect, identified as Lovell Ambrister, long enough for officers to apprehend him.

“Yeah, he’s in jail now, and we’re told the pizza guy still managed to honor the 30 minute delivery guarantee on the pie,” police wrote.




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