This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM:

Donald Trump Jr. said he watched the Netflix documentary “Tiger King” in only two sittings and joked that he could lobby for his father to pardon Joe Exotic simply to watch the mainstream media’s reaction.

The president’s oldest son was asked about Joseph Maldonado-Passage — better known a Joe Exotic — on Monday during an appearance on SiriusXM’s “Jim Norton and Sam Roberts” radio show.

“He’s asking for a presidential pardon,” Roberts said.


“I have heard that — is that true though?” Trump Jr. asked doubtfully. “You guys really want it to be true, don’t you?”

“Maybe not right now,” Trump Jr. joked. “But I can generally be for this just for the meme, and just for frankly watching the media reaction to this thing. It would be pretty amazing to ultimately see that.”


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