This is what I found on DailyMail:

Cats and dogs seem perfectly happy to be fed, watered and cuddled by doting owners.

But whatever you do, don’t call them pets, says the head of an animal rights organisation.

Ingrid Newkirk, the president of PETA, said this is derogatory and suggests they are merely a ‘commodity’ or ‘decoration’.

Instead, Newkirk says the animals you look after should be called “companions.”

“How we say things governs how we think about them, so a tweak in our language when we talk about the animals in our homes is needed. A pet is a commodity but animals should not be things on shelves or in boxes, where people say, ‘I like the look of that one, it matches my curtains or my sense of myself,” she declared.

“A dog is a feeling, whole individual, with emotions and interests, not something you ‘have’,” the Daily Mail quoted Newkirk as saying.

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