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Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen has reportedly been [battling] throat cancer once again. He was originally diagnosed in 2000, given the all-clear in 2002, and has recently been flying back and forth between the U.S. and Germany to once again undergo treatment.

This situation has not yet been confirmed or denied by Eddie or his management, but in a recent interview, Toto guitarist Steve Lukather said about Van Halen “I think they’re on a hiatus. There’s been some health issues that they’re dealing with and stuff like that.”

A photo surfaced of Eddie looking like a regular dude a few weeks ago, and some fans were concerned. Well, a new report by TMZ, says according to sources, Eddie checked into a hospital last week for a few days over complications from the medicine he’s taking to deal with his cancer treatment.

Z93.4 Radio reports, “TMZ says that although Eddie was a heavy smoker, he says he was told that the cancer may have developed as a result of holding a metal guitar pick in his mouth while he performed.”

The outlet notes that the symptoms were the result of a bad reaction to some of the drugs that he was taking to battle throat cancer,” Fox News reported.

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