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The search is on for a cat after a pet boarding facility accidentally gave him to the wrong family.

Tadeu Vaccari and his family are desperately looking for their dear pet, Bruce, a two-year-old tabby that vanished after he was taken home by the wrong family.

Vaccari said he checked Bruce into Christchurch Cattery in Dorset, UK, for 20 nights while his wife went on vacation abroad.

However, a week into the trip, Vaccari told BBC the pet boarding house contacted him to say Bruce had been mistaken for another cat, Oscar, who looked “identical” and was given to the wrong family.

“It’s a very unfortunate case of mistaken identity, to the point where even the customer who collected Bruce didn’t notice any differences in markings, behavior or personality from their own cat, Oscar,” Dawn Pennock of the Christchurch Cattery told BBC. “The moment we learned of the mix-up I, along with friends and family, did all we could to locate Bruce and returned Oscar to his owner.”

Though, to make matters much worse, Bruce, an indoor-only feline, was released into the family’s garden and had since disappeared.

Vaccari, who called the pet his “baby” in a desperate social media post, has been searching for the microchipped cat in the area where he was last seen.



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