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A group of fishermen from Louisiana were treated to the “trip of a lifetime” after catching an accurately named 350-pound goliath grouper off the coast of Florida last month.

Captain Alex Hare of Silver King Charters of Destin took Hunter Waneck, Becca Peisker and Charlie Reagin out for a chartered fishing trip on June 28, but he tells Fox News he mainly expected to catch snapper and gag grouper.

“We had hooked a snapper and something ate the snapper on the way in,” recalled Hare of the moment the grouper snagged Waneck’s line. “We fought the fish for about 15 minutes, but we reeled it in and it was completely scaled.”

Waneck dropped down again, in search of more snapper, and once again the fish took the bait.

“When he got the bite, he knew it was the grouper,” Hare said. “I said OK, I think you just hooked that grouper again. Reel as fast as you can and lift up, and hope we can get the hook in that fish.”

Forty-five minutes later, the fishermen reeled in the impressive fish and snapped photos with it alongside the boat.



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