Wow!… You hear about alligators but never hippos.

This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM:

A Florida woman vacationing in South Africa and Zimbabwe was rushed to a local hospital after a hippo reportedly flipped her canoe and chomped down on her leg as she paddled down the Zambezi River with her husband.

Kristen and Ryan Yaldor were on a canoe trip near Victoria Falls during the weekend as part of the trip to Africa to celebrate Kristen’s 37th birthday.

While they floated down the river with two tour guides, the couple’s canoe was attacked by a protective mother hippopotamus, who was hiding under the water with her young calf, Kristen’s family told the Tampa Bay Times.

The mother hippo reportedly swam underneath the couple’s canoe and threw it into the air. Ryan was able to swim to a nearby island on the river, but Kristen was dragged underwater by the massive beast. Her family said the animal’s jaws snapped down on her leg and broke her femur.

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