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A former member of Parliament and a current member of the Privy Council — the body that officially advises the monarch — has slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for bilking British taxpayers out of tens of millions before running for the Los Angeles hills.

Norman Baker, a former Liberal Democrat for East Sussex and author of “… And What Do You Do?” – a tome critical of the royal family – writes in the Daily Mail that, “From their wedding day to March 31 this year, I estimate the British taxpayer has forked out more than £44 million ($53 million) to provide Harry and Meghan with, it seems, whatever they want.”

After a study of the couple’s finances, an outraged Baker has broken it down for all of us, adding that the bills keep coming even though the couple has moved to the United States. Baker casually points out that while Harry and Meghan may be rich — the couple together are estimated to be worth over $25 million — they aren’t rich enough to afford their lifestyle. Like his Uncle Andrew and Aunt Sarah, Harry enjoys the good life at other’s expense.

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