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A surprising find at a hotel in Tuscon has become the subject of a guessing game giveaway.

During a 2019 summer restoration project at the Hotel Congress, a contractor came across a letter dating from 1934 hidden inside the wall of the hotel’s Room 239. Accompanied by an envelope postmarked with that year, the decades old letter is getting a new reading.

Now, the handwritten note is at the center of a contest put on by Hotel Congress, in which the public can take a guess at not only what the letter is about but also who might have written it.

The Hotel Congress in Tucson is known for once housing the John Dillinger gang in 1934.

“After a series of bank robberies, the Dillinger Gang arrived in Tucson to hide out. On January 22, 1934, a fire started in the basement and spread up to the third floor, where the gang resided under aliases. After the desk clerk contacted them through the switchboard the gang escaped by aerial ladders. On the request of the gang, two firemen retrieved their luggage, identifying who they were,” according to Wikepedia.

Information provided by FORBES.COM.

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