This is what I found on BGR.COM:

Netflix has tens of millions more subscribers, a global user base, one critically acclaimed TV series after another, and more buzzy TV projects than Hulu does. And yet, Netflix’s much smaller rival is actually beating the streaming giant in one key area, new data shows — specifically, on the basis of which service, Netflix or Hulu, offers a larger number of high-quality TV series to binge.

The winner, according to new data compiled by streaming search engine Reelgood, might surprise you.

Reelgood decided to tally up how many series the leading streaming platforms have that currently have a rating of 8.0 or higher on IMDb. That is the metric, for purposes of this finding, that’s being used to decide whether a TV series is “high-quality.”

Here, according to Business Insider’s report of the findings, is how each of those five sources shakes out, in terms of how many series they have with an 8.0 or higher IMDb rating:

  • Hulu: 213
  • Netflix: 203
  • Prime Video: 142
  • HBO: 43
  • Showtime: 12

Information provided by BGR.COM.

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