This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM:

Commes des Garçons, a Japanese fashion house, is being accused of cultural appropriation after sending models down the runway in wigs designed to look like cornrows.

The show took place on Friday at Paris Fashion Week and showcased several different male models, many of whom were white, strutting down the runway modeling the brand’s latest Homme Plus menswear collection. Nearly all of them were seen sporting what appeared to be ill-fitting cornrow wigs.

The criticism was swift on social media, with some deeming it a “racist” show, and others declaring that Commes des Garçons was “canceled.”

“Racist show!” one Instagram user wrote, according to Fox News.

“That’s not right and [I] want explanations,” wrote a Twitter user.

See the questionable wigs in the pics below.

Information provided by FOXNEWS.COM.

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