This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM:

John McCain’s dog, who died last month in Arizona, drowned after getting his head stuck in a pipe, the late senator’s wife recently revealed.

Burma, McCain’s beloved sidekick, died on the family’s property near Sedona, Cindy McCain said. When news of the dog’s death was publicized last month, she described it as a “freak” incident.

“It’s weird — she had never done this before — she ran into a pipe,” Cindy McCain told The Arizona Republic. “You know, we have a series of ponds on our property … and she ran into the pipe and she got stuck.”

She added that Burma “drowned, and eventually, her body came out the other end of the pipe.”

“It’s devastating. She was John’s dog, period, and so what makes me feel better is I know she’s with him now,” she said of Burma.




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