In my never ending complaints about doing laundry, I was searching for a new washing machine that would hold more and cost less.  I found an article which claims the drinking water is now being affected by laundry.  The suggestions they give are just as frustrating as doing the wash to begin with!

This is what I found on The Guardian:

The clothes we wash and wear each week might seem unconnected to the growing plastic pollution crisis in our oceans but a sobering truth is emerging.

With each wash, synthetic fabrics shed thousands of plastic particles, leading to broad-scale contamination of waterways. Now it appears we’re drinking that plastic, with a study of tap water in various countries finding 83% of samples were contaminated with plastic fibers.

Doing the laundry has other environmental implications, too, from the water and power used to the harmful substances hidden in common detergents. A more natural approach to laundry is crucial for the health of humans and the planet, so consider our practical steps on how to make the switch.

– Buy clothes that won’t shed plastic microfibers.

– Wash less and use natural detergents.

– Use a low-water washing machine and avoid dry cleaning.

– Dry your garments the old-fashioned way.

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