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Republicans are more likely to wear Wrangler jeans, a brand popular in the West and Midwest, while Democrats favor San Francisco-based brand Levi’s, appealing to Americans living in cities, consumer research data cited by the Wall Street Journal show.

Levi’s customer base shifted from 2004 to 2018, growing by 3 percentage points to a more Democratic consumer base, while Wrangler’s swayed 13 percentage points toward a Republican customer base, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. The Journal findings were drawn from 15 years of consumer surveys by research firm MRI-Simmons.

The fashion favoritism stems from shoppers buying from brands that seem to appeal to their social and political views. A survey from public relations firm Edelman found that almost 60 percent of 1,000 Americans said they would avoid or choose a brand based on whether the brand aligns with their beliefs on social issues. What’s more, 53 percent said all brands have a responsibility to get involved in at least one social issue that does not directly affect their business, the report found.

Levi Strauss & Co. has backed liberal causes including immigration reform and gun control, while Wrangler has remained apolitical, Fox notes.


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