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Service is a critical issue for customer satisfaction, and new research finds a wide range of satisfaction for car brands. The J.D. Power 2019 Customer Service Index study showed how service can be either improved or undermined by how well dealers handle owners. The results found Porsche had the best customer service among brands sold in the United States. Fiat had the worst.

The study divided brands into “luxury” and “mass market” categories. Among luxury brands, Porsche’s first place position (with a score of 893 out of a possible 1,000) was followed by Lexus (881), the Toyota luxury brand, then GM’s Cadillac (880) and Nissan’s luxury division Infiniti (878). Land Rover was at the bottom of the luxury list (781), slightly below Jaguar (825). Both are owned by Tata Motors.

Among mass market brands, GM’s Buick ranked first (857), followed by BMW’s Mini (853). Fiat Chrysler’s Fiat brand was ranked worst (743). It was joined by four other Fiat Chrysler brands in making up the five worst. Ram (783), the company’s pickup brand, was slightly better than Fiat. Jeep (803) was the third worst in the mass market category, Dodge was the fourth worst (804) and Chrysler was the fifth worst (805).

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