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A woman was terrified to discover a creature dubbed the “most venomous” fish in the world hanging out in the shallow waters of a popular swimming spot in Queensland, Australia, over the weekend.

The stonefish, which is known to camouflage itself in the sand near coral or other rocks, is extremely dangerous — especially to unsuspecting beachgoers who may accidentally step on the fish.

“The stonefish has 13 sharp strong dorsal fin spines that are contained within a sheath of thick skin. At the base of each spine there are two venom glands that discharge their contents along ducts in the spine. When disturbed, the fish erects its spines, but maintains its position on the sea floor,” the Queensland Museum explains on its website, noting most stings occur on the bottom of swimmers’ feet.

The Australian woman quickly took to a local Facebook community page to warn swimmers at La Balsa Park, where the stonefish was spotted Sunday.

“I know it’s a sea creature and that’s where it lives, I wanted to let people know that it was found there,” the woman wrote on Facebook, according to the Daily Mail. “There are so many people and dogs that swim in this spot. It was released back into the water but away from where someone could stand on it.”

It’s not uncommon for stonefish to be found in shallow waters in the northern portion of the continent. They’ve especially been wreaking havoc in the area this year — with at least four people reporting stonefish stings within an 8-day span in January, the Mail reports.

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