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As a ‘flying doctor’ who brings ill or injured holidaymakers back to the UK after a crisis abroad I spend most of my time in planes and hotels.

Here are my top tips to stay safe, happy and healthy overseas, from ditching the gum to using shoelaces to help thwart pickpockets.

1: Excessive gas is never fun on a plane, especially for the people sitting next to you. So why get more bloated and put extra oxygen into your system? Cutting out fizzy water (and saying no to Champagne, if you’re lucky enough to be offered it) makes everyone more comfortable.

The doctor offers 9 more amazing tips, including what to do to stop your ears from hurting during take-off and landing, why you need to check your hotel room alarm, why you should never sleep naked while traveling and what to do to ensure a thief doesn’t get your hotel information.

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