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We might be absorbing more sunscreen chemicals into our bloodstream than is safely recommended, federal health officials say.

Investigators from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tested six of the main active ingredients in sunscreen lotions and sprays.

They found that all of the chemicals had higher concentrations in the blood than the FDA’s threshold.

The report published Tuesday by the FDA contains the following information:

This second study, in addition to studying application every 2 hours according to the product label (maximal use), also studied absorption after a single use. In the new study, we tested absorption of active ingredients contained in four commercially available sunscreen products (lotion, aerosol spray, nonaerosol spray and pump spray). While additional data are needed, results showed that all six active ingredients were absorbed into the body’s bloodstream – even after a single use. An additional finding from this new study is that once absorbed, these active ingredients can remain in the body for extended periods of time.

The FDA insisted that people shouldn’t stop using sunscreens. “The findings in these studies do not mean that the FDA has concluded that any of the ingredients tested are unsafe for use in sunscreens,” the government report states.

However, the Daily Mail argued in their article that several reports have linked sunscreen chemicals to hormone disruption and liver and kidney failure.

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