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He’s pussy galore. Barsik the cat, who was left at a Manhattan animal shelter, could be the world’s heaviest house kitty. The 40-pound, flabby feline — who ironically is a picky eater — had a veterinarian appointment on the Upper West Side on Friday afternoon, and it was quite a trip getting him there.

The super fat cat needed a special extra-large carrier — and makeshift stroller — to bring him to Animal General on Columbus Avenue, said his foster mom and cat lover Angelique Iuzzolino to The Post.

Once there, two handlers were called over to haul the whiskered butterball onto a scale used for dogs — because the cat one was too small. A visitor whipped out her cellphone to take photos of the 5-year-old, 40-pound cat.

“Did he eat another cat?” she said, laughing.

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