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Nick Cordero has been in the ICU for at least a month fighting complications related to the coronavirus and on Friday his wife was ecstatic to share a positive update with fans regarding his health.

Kloots took to her Instagram story, as she’s been doing daily since he was placed in a medically-induced coma weeks ago, to share that he was finally able to get off of a ventilator by undergoing a tracheotomy.

“He is on the trach! They did it and he’s ok! And he is free of the ventilator. Thank God. We have been trying to do this for Nick for so many weeks now and it just kept getting stalled and pushed back because of his health and now he was finally healthy enough today to get the trach and the ventilator is out,” Kloots said with a big smile on her face.

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On Friday, she posted, “A much needed day at the beach thanks to some friends. 💙 I went to the hospital this morning and picked up Nicks personal items. I just felt like I wanted to keep his wedding ring, personal items, etc at home instead of the hospital. Nick always wore this necklace with this gorgeous medallion that was his fathers. I put it on immediately along with a pinky ring I gave him for his birthday this year. Anything to feel closer to him at this time makes me feel better.”


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I miss him. #day29

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