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The New York Police Department’s “Beekeepers” — just two officers dedicated to rescuing the honeybees that swarm New York City neighborhoods — are among a devoted group of bee lovers across the nation working to save the incredibly important insects, while the U.S. government seemingly tells them to buzz off. Darren Mays and Michael Lauriano are first and foremost police officers — but when a swarm of bees is reported to 911, the “bee whisperers” fly into action.

“These calls can come pretty much 24 hours a day,” Lauriano, who’s assigned to the 1st Precinct, told Fox News from the 104th Precinct in Queens, where two hives — one with more than an estimated 40,000 bees — are located on the roof.

The infamous swarms that appear in the city are most likely from the hives of amateur beekeepers “who mismanaged it,” Mays, of the 104th Precinct, said. The beekeeping duo said they work together on different shifts to respond to swarms in public areas, which Lauriano — who’s responded to recent swarms in Times Square and Tribeca that received much media attention — said are basically “people swarms.”

“These swarms tend to just gravitate to people,” he said. “When the cops are there and they just have cordoned off, people aren’t really caring too much — but then when the beekeeper shows up, and puts the veil on, you’ll see the crowd just gather,” he said, describing it as a learning experience for those watching.

Swarms have appeared to become more frequent in the Big Apple after the city board voted in 2010 to legalize beekeeping, and an influx of keepers and hives came to New York. Lauriano and Mays are part of a nationwide grassroots movement to save honeybees, according to beekeeper Noah Wilson-Rich, the CEO and co-founder of The Best Bees Company and a behavioral ecologist, who spoke with Fox News.

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